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It is all about the right number!

All progress in this world, both scientific and technological, would be impossible without numbers. Just think about how we all use numbers to understand history by defining periods in years, centuries and millennia. We use numbers to navigate the world by ocean, air and land. Even when exploring the universe, by surveying the stars.

The definition on Wikipedia says: “Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts”.

Free Numerology Report

Numerology already exists for thousands of years. It looks at various key numbers of your life to determine your strengths, weaknesses, needs, talents, potential obstacles, and more. The feedback of numerology will help you feel more empowered, and can help you make the changes to your life.

Quote from Mysteries and secrets on Numerology “numbers are the keys to the universe and everything within it”.

In numerology the interest lies in 2 different aspects; their predictive powers and their controlling powers. Some numerologist believe that the numbers can tell us what is likely going to happen. In a positive way but also as warnings for negative events on the horizon. The numbers can give advise on how to act in specific situations. They can help reshape the environment and change future events.

What are the causes and effect that make these things happen? Some numerologist think that numbers have an invisible and unsuspected influence that resembles for instance psychological fixations. By gathering the right numbers, the invisible, unknown powers associated with those specific numbers can actually change surroundings and events for the better.

Critics might say that by using the numbers and knowing their strengths, that it might become a self fulfilling prophecy. On the other hand, the positive side is that a person that uses the numbers might feel more confident, improves their performance or reaches their goal. Then why solve the mystery? In the end it is all about what works for you, what makes you feel good about yourself and the environment that you live in.

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Source: Mysteries and Secrets by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

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I want to give you a review of, since they offer a great variety of Numerology reports. I myself am very much interested in Numerology and how it works. I mean isn´t it amazing that based on a few of your personal numbers you can get a detailed report that actually reflects you. Below you will read an overview of the pros and cons of this product.

The team behind the website, led by Mike Madigan, is composed of expert numerologists with many years of experience. They do full readings and customized profiles. Their mission is “to help you make the most of your life and future by providing you with high quality numerology wisdom and insights”.

Deluxe Numerology Report: has more than 100 pages personalized insights about you, your behaviour, what are your talents and what to expect from the future.

Chinese Numerology Report: This report will help you understand your inner self, who are you? What is your life purpose?

What your Aura reveals about you: There are many ways to experience auras that go beyond the physical act of seeing one. So, what exactly is an aura, and where does it come from? Find out all about what your aura reveals about you when you buy this report.

The Super Simple Good Luck Multiplier Method: This report will explain to you how to attract more luck in your life, over and over again….

The 1-minute Relationship Forecast: During your life you go through 9-year cycles. These cycles have an effect on everything in your life. They will review the lifecycles of you and your partners’ to determine in which part of the cycle you currently are and what that means for your relationship. You will get advice on how to have a great relationship all the time.

Decoding your Telephone Number: The digits in your phone number are connected to you personally. Discover now how your phone number is influencing your career.

Mastering your personal Success Matrix: In a simple four-step system you will learn how to turn dreams into a reality. You will learn how to use intention for improving your life in all areas.

Discover your power Wardrobe colors: Want to know which color to wear to work today? This report will show you what your power color is for each situation.

Quote: “Over 400,000 People Agree: We are the #1 most trusted source for numerology reports and training”.

For a complete overview on their products please visit the website here.

When I accessed the website, they asked for my full name and birthdate. With these details they will showed me a free personalized video. This gave me a lot of information, which I recognized, even the funny stuff about myself. This is a great starting tool to use in your everyday life.

Then after watching the free video and entering my email address I received a free personalized numerology report in my email. I had my husband read it and he was surprised by my characteristics that were so clearly written in the numerology report.

After reading the free report, you might want to receive a bit more deatiled information about yourself on specific topics. Since they offer quit a large range of specialized products, there is always one available that suits your needs at that moment. I really loved the report about the “Power Wardrobe Colors”, this really gave me more confidence when I went to work in the matching colors to succeed my goals for that day. Just have a look on the website and browse for your ideal report which gives you the information and most important the confidence you need right now.

Now I will tell you my thoughts on to give you a better idea of whether this might be right for you:

I love that the First report is for free: Yes, that’s right! This way, you can try it for free and get a good idea on what to expect before you pay anything! I feel it shows a great reflection of their faith in what they do.

Very detailed reports: Most reports that you will receive will have 70 to 100 pages. They all contain strong and clear insights into your true nature and possible future. If you want to receive more on a ongoing basis, they even offer a monthly forecast so you stay up to date.

Accurate: Most people, including myself, experienced that many of the predictions turn out to be very accurate. It really helped myself to make some very positive changes to my life.

Very quick: You will receive your reports via email in a few minutes after signing up and paying. No need to wait next to your postbox, just straight away via email. I love the speed of the internet!

Customized reports: Your reports are completely personalized, based on your own personal life’s key numbers, like birthdate and more.

Motivational: The numerology reports give you a lot of detailed and personalized information on your strengths and opportunities. This really helped me to be a great motivation to change and reach my goals in life. You will learn all about your strenghts and weaknesses and how to handle situations.

Prices: In these times when everything goes via internet, costs are way lower then normal so the price is as well. Great value for your money.

A 60 day money back guarantee: You can try out all products of with a 60-day money back guarantee. In case you don't like what you get just contact their support staff for a full refund.

Not for some religions: Not all religions can appreciate these types of readings or any occult practices at all. Since numerology may be related to these practices, you may wish to stay away from numerology.

A lot to read: As I mentioned all reports exist of between 70 to 100 pages, which is a lot if you don’t like reading, even if it only contains information about yourself.

In digital format only: If you would like to have it the old fashioned way on paper, you will have to print it yourself.

I love this site, it offers fantastic products and services if you are interested in numerology. On their website you can find a lot of testimonies of customers who bought the products and like me are very satisfied with what they received. is a leading expert in numerology with their detailed and accurate reports, which are easy to read and understand. Personally I think it is great to receive so much great and detailed information that you can use to motivate yourself and to improve your own life with.

If you are looking to empower yourself with knowledge on how to transform your life with good decisions for a successful career, relationships, health and money, then these products at can help you reach your goals. Just look for the one report that caught your attention and give it a try, you might be surprised on what you receive.

Did you get curious for the products? At you can check out all reports they offer. If you click on the link below it will take you there straight away! Remember the first report is free, plus the 60-day money back guarantee, making it a zero-risk to check it out and get your own personalized report!

Click here to visit the website

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